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The following “how-to” videos demonstrate how to get started using this site:

Teacher Help Videos

VideoMaker Tutorials:

Graphic Novelist Tutorials:

Court of History Tutorials:


How To Use the Young American Heroes Website


How To Create an Educator Account and Classroom


How To Use the Timeline


Suggesting a New Hero as a Class Activity

Privacy Issues on the YAH Web Site

Copyright and Usage Policies on the YAH Web Site

Using the Curriculum and Leader's Guides

Incorporating the YAH Web Site into Your Classroom

Reviewing and Publishing Student Projects

Generating Interactive Student Collaboration in the Classroom and Beyond

Contributing to the YAH Project




How To Get Started with VideoMaker


How To Create a Program with VideoMaker


How To Add Your Own Videos to VideoMaker


How To Add Audio to VideoMaker


Reviewing and Sharing Your Project


Graphic Novel-Creating a Graphic Novelist Project


Court of History-How to Begin a Case in the Court of History


Court of History-Adding Evidence to Support a Case


Court of History-Reviewing and Saving Your Case

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