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Suggestions for Evaluating Student Projects Created Using the Tools on the Young American Heroes Web Site
The goal of the tools – in fact, the goal of the whole Young American Heroes project – is to involve students in creating so that they learn in an exciting, active, constructivist way. Educators can guide that excitement by evaluating student creations using “measuring sticks” that students have already been exposed to in class. In this way, students, with their teacher or mentor’s guidance, can view their story in light of criteria that are applied to anyone creating a story or argument, whether in a classroom or outside. 
The suggestions below offer ways to evaluate student projects created using the Court of History. They can be especially useful if they are discussed in terms of the elements of a good story as well as an argument about events in the Court of History. As with all of the material on this site, we welcome your reactions, suggestions, and additions.
Some factors to consider when evaluating students’ Court of History projects:
  • Statement of the case: If the student decided to re-state a case or create an original case, was the statement a clear assertion of the position? 
  • Was the choice of evidence appropriate to help “tell the story” that the student was trying to establish? Did the evidence chosen support the assertion?
  • Did the student add notes to the chosen evidence documents or images to explain why the evidence supported his or her argument? 
  • Was the evidence arranged in such a way that it moved the argument forward as a reader proceeded through it?
  • Did the student make the argument in a convincing way, taking into account what was known both about the character and the character’s time and place in history?

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