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Suggestions for Evaluating Student Projects Created Using the Tools on the Young American Heroes Web Site
The goal of the tools – in fact, the goal of the whole Young American Heroes project – is to involve students in creating so that they learn in an exciting, active, constructivist way. Educators can guide that excitement by evaluating student creations using “measuring sticks” that students have already been exposed to in class. In this way, students, with their teacher or mentor’s guidance, can view their story in light of criteria that are applied to anyone creating a story or argument, whether in a classroom or outside. 
The suggestions below offer ways to evaluate student projects created using Graphic Novelist. They can be especially useful if they are discussed in terms of the elements of a good story. As with all of the material on this site, we welcome your reactions, suggestions, and additions.
Some factors to consider when evaluating students’ Graphic Novelist projects:
  • The character's choice: The hero’s decision should be in response to the dilemma presented in the introductory “set-up” clip that establishes the character’s need to make a choice.
  • Reasons for the character’s choice: Speech bubbles, thought bubbles, or captions should clearly indicate the character's reasons for making the decision he/she makes.
  • Coherence: Can a reader make sense of what happens from frame to frame in the student’s story?
  • Dramatic interest: Does the sequence grab the reader? Does it have a satisfying conclusion?
  • Supporting documents: Has the student author chosen one or two documents that you think support the character's decision?
  • Explanation of supporting documents: Has the student explained how the document(s) support the decision? Is that explanation believable?

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