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Teacher vision version—detailed timeline of Frederick's early life


General Resources
University of Rochester: Frederick Douglass Project:

NPR: Plantation Dig Reveals Md. Town's Painful Past:

National Park Service: 'American Visionaries':

Also has links to Frederick Douglass Children's & Young Adult Literature:

FD's escape from slavery—discussion with train conductor:

Perspective on the Slave Narrative:

National Archives and Records Administration "Teaching with Documents":

Collection of resources:

National Park Service — Frederick Douglass House:

Underground Railroad
National Park Service: Underground Rail Road:

State-by-state safe houses (see also next page):

Underground Railroad-National Geographic Society:

Headbone Underground Railroad game:

Activity + Resources by Ball State teacher candidate:

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Game:

Underground RR State Resources
New Bedford, MA:

Sleepy Hollow, NY class projects (Blue Web'n award):

Ohio Unit: "Myths and Codes of the Underground Railroad-Web Lesson"


Oakland Unified School District Video Education Frederick Douglass Curriculum *** This one for students to critique:

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