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The curricula offered on the Young American Heroes web site were developed by university professors of education and history, middle school teachers, and educational evaluation specialists. Curricula have been field tested at a number of schools with different demographic populations during the development process. Teachers and mentors are free to use these curricula as is, or to adapt them to their local educational needs.

Teaching American historyAlthough the curricula are not designed to specifically adhere to any individual state's educational results standards, American history learning standards of several states have been consulted in curricula design, as well as standards proposed by a variety of national organizations such as the Bradley Commission on History in Schools, the National Council for History Standards, and the National Center for History in the Schools. We believe that teachers in any state will find materials here that will help them respond to their own state's learning results standards.
To learn more about how to use this website, please watch our "how-to" videos, which demonstrate how to register, set up a classroom, and use the interactive tools. 
Guides (teachers and mentors) are invited to share their own curricular modifications or additions to these Young American Heroes generated curricula and lesson plans. If you have something you would like to share, please go to our Resource Sharing page.

For information on usage rights for these curricula or for any of the materials available on the Young American Heroes web site, please consult our Usage Policy


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